Browser Support / Issues

I build and test these pages on a 1280 x 800 laptop running Windows XP 32-bit.
Your experience with these pages depends to a large extent on the brower you are using.
I've tested these pages with:
  • Google Chrome Version 39.0 - no problems or issues
  • Opera Ver 26.0 - no problems or issues
  • Firefox Ver 33.1 - a couple of menus use extra lines
    Older browsers may display pages poorly.     IE: don't use it, don't test it.     Its been reported that old versions run slow

    You can save these pages and run them off-line. I recommend using Firefox when running off-line.
    With Google you have to add " --allow-file-access-from-files " to the chrome command line ( to get jsc3D to run on local files )
    I'm guessing Opera has the same issues Chrome does running local files. ( ie. Opera doesn't run jsc3D on local files )

    Ring Designs

    These pages are in constant development.
    View some of my work on Youtube

    Spinner Ring

  • 'Cave' graphics are on the base ring, they inc/dec as the ring changes diameter
  • 'Rocket' graphics for the slider and rotate with spinner body
  • Cave and Rockets expand/contract when ring size changes
  • Cave 'window' width is displayed in mm's
  • Amy Cave Ring Progress Report
  • Youtube Titanium Cave Spinner Ring

    youtube titanium cave spinner ring notes:
  • The finished titanium cave spinner ring construction differs a bit from the jsc3d model - the side bands have a stepped down press fit to the 'cave' pipe cut band.
  • Rocket and Cave Graphics have been updated for the youtube titanium spinner ring.

    Half Round Ring   and   HrCf.html

  • HrCf is an experimental version which uses percent of ring thickness to define half round and comfort fit edges
  • Comfort fit toggles on/off
  • Toolpath Graphics toggle on/off


  • Three Segment Tongue and Groove Ring.
  • Lots of variables can be set. Ring can be 'exploded'.
  • Finished Rings: Titanium Lined Wood Rings


  • Five Segment Tongue and Groove Ring.
  • Five piece tongue and groove ring. New 03/25/16.
  • Youtube videos: Making Wood Rings and Spring 2016 Wood Rings


  • Seven Segment Tongue and Groove Ring. New 03/27/16.
  • Can specify each segment length.

    Pipe Cut

  • simple ring - my first jsc3d design.

    Sides4 Band

  • Edge Pts and Edge Radius now coded
  • Comfort Fit coded
  • Face button toggles display from face to wireframe

    Signet Ring 02/27/15   and   Signet Ring Design Doc

  • Future releases may include:
    additional top shapes (cushion, rectangular...etc)
    variable num radial section pts
    ring.obj output function
    inlays and inserts
    graphics input + projection onto ring surfaces


    These pages use: jsc3D, a web 3d object viewer using pure javascript and html canvas.
    Without the help I've recieved from jsc3D these pages would not exist.


  • Make it easier to order rings.
  • Select and display multiple wood textures on rings.
  • Input text characters and set fonts. Then project these strings on the inside and outside of rings.
  • New designs: (square rings, signet rings w/inserts/inlays & coin rings).
  • *.obj file export option for ring design. Obj files can then be used with rapid prototyping services (ie. shapeways)

    If you have questions - I'd like to hear from you -

    Roy Goodell - 03/27/16