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Hi, my name is Roy Goodell and I've been making rings for over 40 years. is my creation and I've selling sterling silver, gold and titanium rings on the www since 1998.

I'm a one man shop - all pages, 5xj videos and rings on are my work.

When gold took off to unreasonable heights I started working with wood rings.
Adding titanium to wood rings (for strength) opens up an entirely new world.
There are so many different types of woods - the artist in me always wants more.

Wood descriptions

  • The Wood Database
  • Hobbit House - Info and Articles
  • Google Searches - can't live without them.

    Some Places Where I get Woods:

  • Griffin Exotic Woods
  • Bell Forest
  • Domex Hardwoods
  • Exotic Wood-n-burl
  • Keim Lumber
  • NcWood
  • Ohio - My Backyard: Applewood, Black Walnut, Sycamore, Cherry, White Oak.
  • West Penn Hardwoods
  • WoodCraft

    Roy Goodell       Norwalk, Ohio       10/03/14